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Waterfalls of Grace

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by Mary B. McAllister – Patient

Waterfalls of Grace

My glass has always been half-full—
A clear and inborn vision.
It isn’t something I have earned,
But a blessing I’ve been given.

Being raised in faith and prayer
Instills a higher view.
For knowing God, is trusting Life,
In spite of all that comes to you.

My glass had always been half-full,
Until the tough times came.

I then saw it was wholly full,
and had always been.

Half water, half air—
the elements of life
which fuel us through our struggles,
our challenges and strife.

When things got rougher still,
And I felt I could not cope…

My glass began to overflow,
With peace, and love and hope.

Now, in the home stretch
of my journey here,
My glass has disappeared…

Endless Waterfalls of Grace,
which wash away the pain,
Pour over me and through me,
And cannot be contained.

If ever you feel empty,
needing to fill your cup,
Just turn your eyes toward Heaven—
Miracles start with looking up.

In desperate days of sorrow,
We only have to ask.

Thus begins the flow,
And soon you, too, will know…
There never was a glass.

May B. Morelight is the pen name of Mary B. McAllister, who reluctantly left a 26-year career as a financial planner and tax advisor because of severely limiting chronic illness.

A CLL patient, Mary now finds fulfillment in “a new normal” life of writing and sharing inspired poetry. Her works can be viewed at

Mary can be contacted at [email protected]


Originally published in The CLL Tribune Q3 2019.

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