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Testimonial: Dan & Jodi Symes in praise of CAR-T

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We’re pleased to share with you the testimonial story of Dan & Jodi Symes in praise of CAR-T. Dan’s Large B-Cell lymphoma failed to respond to 2 rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, prompting his physician to speculate that he had only a couple of months to live. Like many of us faced with the challenge of a catastrophic illness and a terrible prognosis, Dan had abandoned a big dream. CAR-T therapy gave Dan his life back… and his big dream!


The CLL Society agrees with Dan & Jodi that insurers need to recognize the value of and provide coverage for this life-saving treatment for blood cancer patients.


On all fronts, the CLL Society is working to advocate, educate, and research what is needed to gain best outcomes for our CLL patients…. because we like happy endings!

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