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Pushing Therapeutic Boundaries in CLL

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Pushing Therapeutic Boundaries in CLL
Joint Live Web Broadcast with CLL Society and PeerView Institute

Recorded on June 14, 2021

Continuous or fixed-duration therapy with targeted agents, including BTK and BCL-2 inhibitors, is the new standard for management of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). New clinical questions that are pushing the boundaries of patient care in CLL include how clinicians can select the optimal regimen for a given patient by choosing between effective targeted strategies or within potent drug classes, whether targeted combinations can displace immunochemotherapy as a potentially curative option in good-risk patients, and the role of novel combination approaches in CLL.

This Clinical Consults CME/MOC-certified live web broadcast, developed in collaboration with the CLL Society, will pair compelling, real-world case scenarios with mini lectures that focus on the meaningful science that supports the continued integration of targeted therapeutics—including BTK and BCL-2 inhibitors, as well as novel antibodies—into the management of diverse CLL patient populations. Our expert panel explored important topics such as optimal treatment of poor-risk and good-risk CLL, therapeutic sequencing, safety management and distinctions among agent classes, and the future of novel combinations in patient care. This unique event helps to map the current boundaries of modern CLL care and illustrate how innovative therapeutics are pushing beyond to achieve better outcomes for patients.

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