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Could CLL Be a Reason for Body Temperature Changes, and Should I Do Anything About This?

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Ask the Doctor Question:

At the end of 4/2021 I discovered my lymph node under the chin a little enlarged (2cm). The histology of this lymph node showed SLL/CLL. My lymphocytes count is 4.1×10⁹ and percentage among white cells is 49.2%. The phenotyping was also done. According to Ukrainian doctors, I’m at the start of CLL and should be on Wait and Watch. My question is about the body temperature. I’ve been measuring my temperature for last 2.5 months – it varies from 98.96 ⁰F to 99.68⁰F in the daytime and is usually normal in the late evening and early morning. Could CLL be a reason for this temperature changes? Should I do anything about this?

Answer: The fluctuation in your body temperature that you reported is within normal range. No need to be concerned unless it reaches 100.4 or above.

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