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Should I be worried about my Neutrophils being low?

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Should I be worried about my Neutrophils being low?

Answer: No need to worry because your neutrophils being 2.0 fall within the normal range.

In CLL, we generally recommend that you not get too concerned about any one lab result, even when it is slightly abnormal. This is because looking at long-term trends is more important than any one lab value when it comes to considering whether or not it might be time to consider a new treatment. Please talk to your physician if you have any concerns about your lab values, as they will have all your past labs and trends in your lab results are typically much more important than any individual abnormal lab value.

Many people have found the information we provide about lab values on our website very helpful. Some of that information can be found here: Also, we have a really good tracking tool that will allow you to see all of trends over time in your lab values, along with some other helpful information here: