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CLL Society Signs Joint Letter to Congress on the PREVENT Pandemics Act

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CLL Society has signed on to the efforts led by the Immune Deficiency Foundation to advocate on behalf of the entire immunocompromised community to “Prepare for and Respond to Existing Viruses, Emerging New Threats, and Pandemics.”

The immunocompromised, including all those with chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL / SLL), regardless of their treatment status, need to be included from the get-go in all plans for the next pandemic and the coming COVID-19 endemic. We should not be just an annoying afterthought.

Here is a link to the draft bipartisan legislation from the US Senate’s website: Prepare for and Respond to Existing Viruses, Emerging New Threats, and Pandemics Act (PREVENT Pandemics Act)

This is only one of several advocacy efforts at the state, federal, and international levels where CLL Society has led or supported efforts to ensure our needs are being addressed. Expect to hear more about what we are doing and how you might help.

The letter can be found here.