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By Margo A. Calvetti

In 2020, Craig Colley was looking forward to a less demanding professional schedule. He and wife Karyn relocated to Mammoth, CA for the summer to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.  Biking, hiking, and paddleboarding were daily priorities. Unfortunately, Colley had to rethink his life plan after a devastating mountain bike accident that resulted in 9 broken ribs and a fractured clavicle.  After a two-day stay in the hospital and three months immobilized, his body was not healing as expected.  And it was the peak of Covid 19.

A chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) diagnosis three years prior to the accident, left Colley’s physical condition in doubt.  The impact of the pandemic, along with the countless visits to the doctors, resulted in more questions than answers. Test results, trial diets, and various therapies proved useless.  Additionally, his savings had been depleted by a personal loan to a close friend who reneged on payment terms. The friendship and the funds were suddenly gone. As reality set in, Colley wondered what happened to the “golden years” and began to lose hope of any recovery.

Craig Colley is a grateful member of the CLL Society, ( although he admits it’s not a club that he would have chosen to join.  When first diagnosed with CLL, the initial feeling was one of relief; there was a name to the aches and pains.  However, the relief was quickly replaced by the anxiety of what life would look like living with an incurable disease. 

“I found strength and hope in reading about different treatment options and what others had been through. I joined a local CLL Society Support Group which helped, but in my quiet moments I felt alone, isolated and stressed.”

In early 2022, Colley experienced another devastating setback with the onset of hearing loss in his left ear, along with a constant ringing from tinnitus.  Side effects from medications and a month-long Covid 19 infection left him exhausted and depressed. He saw his life’s work slip from his grasp.  He needed a Hail Mary. A classically trained composer, musician, and videographer, Colley leaned on his abilities and strong faith in God. 

“I went back to what I knew and believed in about myself. As a music composer, I have released six albums and played more than 12,000 gigs in the span of 50 years, wrote a book about the business of music (available on Amazon) and hold a Guinness world’s record in the music field.  I’ve accomplished much and God has always been at my side. With the help of my wife, I called upon HIM to propel a miracle of healing.”

Through his suffering came something positive. The creation of ‘Soft Soothing Sounds’, a music and video channel were born. A combination of ambient and nature sounds, beautiful landscapes along with original melodic music designed to help anyone to relax, heal, and sleep – anytime and anyplace.

“I can only look at this as a miracle.  Music and visual arts distracted me and lifted me when I was at my lowest point.  It was a sign. I wanted to show fellow sufferers that they too could help themselves using ‘Soft Soothing Sounds’ as a medium for self-care.”

 As a result of his calling, Colley was to write and release a new piano album titled ‘Soft & Smokey’. The melodic sounds became a backdrop to the poetry of stunning visuals and natural landscapes.  Soft, relaxing music flowed from his veins.  As Colley regained his strength, his hearing returned and the ringing in his ears dissipated.

In his videos, Colley takes the listener on a discovery journey.  He deftly weaves together inspiring landscapes, coupled with original piano music, videos and aerial ‘flying camera’ shots. Colley’s aim is to distract the viewer from their pain and problems using some of the most dramatic visuals on earth. 

The videos range in length from 5 minutes to 10 hours and offer Nature Sounds + Music, Black Screen (for deep sleep and tinnitus relief) and amazing animated keyboard videos. Videos are posted on YouTube ( and most social media platforms and music streaming services. ‘Soft Soothing Sounds is available 24/7 to offer constant relief for those in need.

Colley readily admits that his cancer diagnosis will be with him until a cure is found.  ‘Soft Soothing Sounds’ is a way he deals with the anxiety and daily stressors of the unknown.  Colley’s hope is to help fellow sufferers through this audio/visual medium. 

“Soft Soothing Sounds is not just for dealing with my CLL—it is relaxing music, nature sounds and videos to sleep, rest, and meditate.”

And the journey continues… 

Craig Colley is currently in production producing four new albums and hundreds of new videos. 

Margo A. Calvetti is a journalist based in Colorado and a lifelong friend to Craig Colley.

You can find Craig Colley’s music on his website: for healing, rest, and supporting recovery.

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