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CLL Society Pushes for Patient Participation in New Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program

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CLL Society expects CLL patients will likely benefit from the new Medicare Prescription Payment Plan (MPPP), previously known as the “smoothing program.” This program intends to allow patients to ‘smooth’ their out-of-pocket costs over a plan year rather than be hit with higher initial payments early in the year. We continue to submit feedback to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), advocating for strong patient participation in the new MPPP.

Given how beneficial this program will be for CLL patients, our comments to CMS covered a wide range of issues to help improve how the program is rolled out later this year. Everything from improvements related to general outreach, education, and communication to targeted outreach, as well as ways in which patients can opt into the program (“elect” to participate), are addressed in detail in the letter below.

CLL Society continues to lead a coalition of rare cancer groups in this work, and 16 other patient organizations signed onto this letter.

Download the letter here.