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2020 CLL Society Annual Report

Our Heartfelt Thank You

We are sincerely grateful for the individuals, foundations, and corporations who invested in us so that we could invest in the long lives of CLL / SLL patients. We would not be able to do our work without your generous contributions. Thank you.

Acknowledged below are the names of individuals who donated $500 or more and provided consent to be listed*. Beyond the names listed below, we received numerous donations of less than $500, while others donated more but wished to remain anonymous. We are extremely grateful for every donation, regardless of the amount.


Anonymous – 4 donors
Dr. Brian and Patricia Koffman
Cunningham-Corso Family

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous – 5 donors
Howard and Barbara Massey
M. Y. Buckenmayer Charitable Fund
The Andrew and Jane Bursky Charitable Fund
The Ten Eyck Family

$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous – 20 donors
Betsy Bridgman
Bob & Sue Levis
Bob and Suzy Bennitt
Carolyn Rauch
Chris and Letty Stewart
David Kotok
Dr. Leonard Brzozowski
Eileen and Larry Letts
Gregg M. Satherlie
Janis & F.A. Benach
Jim Rauch
John & Kathleen Bethell
John Backus
Joseph L Liegl
Judith and Roger Frank
Michael Russotti
Rebecca Aurand Newton
Roger and Nancy Sayler Charitable Fund
Stacy Barber
Stephen Davis
The Duesterdick Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
The Marino Family
Werner & Annette Baumgartner

$500 – $999

Anonymous – 23 donors
Brad and Nancy Teague
Brian and Connie Bolvin
Bruce and Kathleen Levi
Cindy & Steve Delesie
De Temple Family Fund
Elaine and Rod Morris
Gary Lansman
Geoff Grubbs
Holly and Joe Hagler
James Leslie Jessup Jr
Jennifer and Joe Woolf
Jonathan Khuner
Kirby Family
Laura Daley
Leslie and Kevin Lloyd
Martin and Katharine Dudley
Matthew Davids, MD
Mitch and Cindy Austin
Robbie and Jose Franco
Robert and Celeste Bentley
Roman and Patty Saienni
Steven Meyers
The Mark and Cindy Hoffman Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
The Mary A. Mettler Fund
The R. A. Barton Family
Therese Conlin
Todd & Jeanelle Lindsey
True Ryndes and Jim Anderson

In Honor Of

Bob Levis
The Duesterdick Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation DONOR

Dr. Brian and Patricia Koffman
Janis & F.A. Benach DONOR

Dr. Brian and Patricia Koffman
Stacy Barber DONOR

Dr. Brian Koffman
True Ryndes and Jim Anderson DONOR

John Kirby
Kirby Family DONOR

Julie Hess
Laura Daley DONOR

Stephen Rasch
Matthew Davids, MD DONOR

In Memory Of

Carolyn Rauch
Jim Rauch DONOR

Chuck Goebel
Janis & F.A. Benach DONOR

Janet Morrison
Janis & F.A. Benach DONOR

Kitty Siciliano
Elaine and Rod Morris DONOR

Michaele R. DeTemple
Thomas A. DeTemple DONOR

*We made every effort to accurately recognize the donations listed above. If a donation is missing or misrepresented, we are truly apologetic. Please contact our Development Specialist, Nicole Kamphuis, at [email protected] for a resolution. An up-to-date 2020 donor recognition page can be found on our website.