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Caregiver Lifehacks: CLL Edition Podcast

CLL Society and OffScrip Health partnered to produce this three-episode podcast series providing a home for the often unspoken thoughts and feelings of the caregiver experience.

In this edition, our guests are providing a range of care for a loved one with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). When it comes to caring for those with CLL, the experts in the field are not necessarily professionals. More likely, the real experts are the unpaid, unheralded loved ones and family members who are thrust into action. According to a recent study from AARP, one in five Americans are unpaid family caregivers and we wanted to hear from them.

In an intimate roundtable format, we talk to the husbands, wives, parents, and children of people who have CLL. They share with us all of the various ways that they provide care. They talk about their high points, their low points, and everything in between. Sometimes sad, mostly funny, always real emotions and authentic experiences.

Our Guests Hail From Alabama, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and California

Lisa Ferguson, a wife and mother of two from Huntsville, Alabama, who searches for humor in every situation, even her husband’s cancer diagnosis.

Erin O’Brien, a project manager from Cincinnati, Ohio, and the oldest of five. Erin’s siblings always defer to her to provide solutions for family challenges, including care for her mom who has CLL.

Scott Fuller and Ted Walsh, two husbands who try to make sense of watching and waiting and clinical trials and treatment for their wives who are in different phases of CLL.

Mari Hoffman, an unflappable recent graduate of UC Davis, whose future was informed at a young age by her scientific curiosity and her engagement with her Dad’s CLL diagnosis.

Michelle Stonis, a mom of three and full of philosophical wisdom. Michelle provided emotional support and fun escapes for her mom who recently lost her battle with CLL.

And our host, fast-talking, quick-witted New York lawyer and media professional, Elura Nanos, is known for her no-nonsense conversational style. She’s also the mom of a teenage narcoleptic, a columnist with Law & Crime, and the host of the VaxOn podcast on OffScrip Health.

Listen to the 3-minute podcast trailer

Listen to the three-episode podcast series, “Caregiver Lifehacks: CLL Edition”