The CLL Society Wants YOU, Volunteer Today!

You have a passion, compassion, talent, education, a skill.
You are a meticulous editor and/ or proofreader.
You have specific work experience.
You love to type, fill out spreadsheets, and stick things in the mail!
You have interviewing skills.
You have been through a lot and you want to share your knowledge.
You want other CLL patients and their caregivers to not feel alone.
You are great at organizing people.
You are great at putting on events.
You’re a techie!

You are an artist, a crafter, a musician, an actor, a bike-rider, a runner, a comedian!
You know how to raise money.
You know how to bring out the stories in others.
You are connected to a very specific group of people (Ex: Veterans, CAR-T patients, a service club, an interest group, a giving circle, etc.)
You want to sit at a table at a conference and make a big outreach!
Social media is your playground.
Or, you just have time on your hands and want to learn something new.
You are funny.
You want to help out in any way you can.
You just flat-out want to be a part of the CLL Society’s universe of volunteers.

The CLL Society wants YOU!

Please fill out our Volunteer Survey and let the party begin!