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Yesterday, April 6, 2022, I had 2½ years of hair growth shorn. My last haircut had been before the annual ASH conference held in December 2019.
I have not been able to eat grapefruit for more than a dozen years due to its annoying chemistry that interferes with the metabolism of multiple medications. It has been called the forbidden fruit due to its potent inhibition of cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) that can lead to toxic
Dr. Brian Koffman gives his updated medical report, post CAR-T for CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia: “My first imaging (MRI) since leaving Seattle for home post CAR-T was a few weeks ago, about 21 months post CAR-T and it found “that all my lymph nodes had shrunk to normal size
In the Dec 23, 2019 episode of Hidden Forces, “Demetri Kofinas speaks with Brian Koffman, a doctor turned CLL patient, whose patient education and advocacy efforts have given hope and encouragement to CLL cancer patients everywhere.” “Brian Koffman is extraordinary, in many ways. He’s extraordinary in the medical sense
Lab results one and half years post CAR-T therapy are very good. My absolute lymphocyte count is low- about 1,000. Not much room for cancer to hide there. I am not anemic. Hemoglobin is in the middle of the normal range for the first time in forever. My platelets
I am taking down my shingle as a family doctor for good. I am officially retired. I am giving up the practice of medicine that I loved for so many years. It is very hard. So why do it? So that I can focus with no distraction and no
At the EHA (European Hematology Assoc.) Annual Congress  in Amsterdam in June of 2019,  I was interviewed by EHA TV following my session on CAR-T therapy. I was asked about my experience as a patient/physician going through the therapy and about what advice I would give to a patient
So tired. I have been tired and sleepy for weeks now. Which is weird as my CLL is in a deep deep deep remission. I first blamed it on stress- have a googol of problems weighing on me, but I usually cope well with pressure. Been traveling >100,000 miles