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I Almost Cut My Hair

This content was current as of the date it was released. In science and medicine, information is constantly changing and may become out-of-date as new data emerge.

Yesterday, April 6, 2022, I had 2½ years of hair growth shorn. My last haircut had been before the annual ASH conference held in December 2019.

Four 10″ braids will be made into a wig for someone, probably a child, who has lost their hair due to cancer therapy. But, of course, that is after it’s dyed, as no kid wants grey hair.

I felt safe enough having a masked hairstylist come to my backyard and trim my hair. She was great.

I am thrilled to be rid of my ponytail and more thrilled that it was long enough to help someone else.

Shorn picture to follow.

The pandemic world is feeling a touch more normal.

Stay strong. Stay safe. We are all in this together.


Brian Koffman MDCM (retired) MS Ed (he, him, his)
Co-Founder, Executive VP, and Chief Medical Officer
CLL Society, Inc.