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Why Attending Meetings Is Important

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Wayne Wells is a sophisticated CLL patient who was diagnosed in 2006. Scroll down to the bottom of the Patient Advisory Board list to find his bio here.

In this short audio interview from the LFR’s North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma that was held in Brooklyn Oct. 2-4, 2015, Wayne shares why he attends live patient educational forums such as this and what he gets out of these meetings.

Take Aways:

  • There is still research to be done to get us cured
  • Progress is happening fast
  • Patients need to be educated and actively involved in their care

The LRF puts on an excellent multi-day meeting with broad interest topics and disease-specific breakout sessions, including ones focused on CLL. You can get a sense of the some of the sessions by viewing the archived webcasts from that meeting. Those with a date of 2015 are from this year’s meeting.

Their 2016 Education Forum is scheduled to be held in Chicago.

You can listen to our interview here.

Brian Koffman, MD  1/3/16