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CLL was never a sentence of death but a true sentence of life!!!

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Derek Caine is a CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) patient since 2004, a powerful advocate and fundraiser living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Derek and I met at a CLLPAG ( conference in Niagara Falls and I was immediately impressed by his passion and drive to help others with CLL.

Derek is a great example of how a life-threatening disease such as CLL can open doors and expand our world if we are open and energetic and out there with our efforts. Derek didn’t have a musical background when he was diagnosed, but he sure does now.

But I will let “Little Derek” speak for himself. He is very capable storyteller.

“This was in 2008 like two months after my FCR finished. I had a low ANC count and should not have been traveling.

I was not on earth while on the stage in front of about 4,000 people. I had only met the guys in the band a couple of hours before and told them this was my dream to play at such a venue. They did not know if I could play or not but heard my story and then invited me up on the stage for this one song. Once there, they gave me two great solo’s…for me unbelievable.. and I owe it all to CLL!!!

I can truly say that CLL was never a sentence of death but a true sentence of life!!!”

Derek, thank you so much for all you do and by leading by example.

Enjoy his music and his passion here

That is a pretty cool video, but if Derek has a theme song that he wishes to share with all his fellow CLL patients, it is HAEMO BLUES. Please give a listen.

Brian Koffman, MD  5/9/16

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