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4 Tips for Managing the Psychological Impact of CLL

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By Brian Koffman – Patient

I wrote this many years ago for my CLL blog, that would eventually give birth to the CLL Society. I had completely forgotten about it until someone found it and asked if they could spiff it up and use it in a publication. I was so glad to see it reawaken and repurposed for my own sake and that of others.

It reminds me that there are more than facts to pursue in our CLL journey, there is emotional balance and love.

Stay strong. We are all in this together


4 Tips for Managing the Psychological Impact of CLL infographic

Dr. Brian Koffman, a well-known retired doctor, educator, and clinical professor turned patient has dedicated himself to teaching and helping the CLL community since his diagnosis in 2005. He serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the CLL Society Inc.

Originally published in The CLL Society Tribune Q4 2019.