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A Leukemia Diary: Brian Koffman, MD

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Our own Dr. Koffman was interviewed for Cancer Health.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to learn about the personal CLL journey of our co-founder, Chief Medical Officer, and Executive Vice-President, here is your chance.

A Leukemia Diary: Brian Koffman MD provides a full recap of his CLL history, from pre-diagnosis to the present.

There our two additional sources for more background on our co-founder.

For the behind the scenes, day-to-day stories, philosophies, and treatment decisions going back some 15 years, starting before his bone marrow transplant, take a look at his blog: LEARNING FROM AND ABOUT CANCER (CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA OR CLL) BY DR. BRIAN KOFFMAN. The content of this blog formed the original bones of the CLL Society website. Since the founding and growth of the CLL Society, the blog has become less active and now Dr. Koffman writes primarily for

The CAR-T Blog chronicles his more recent CAR-T trial and was kept up to date by his family when Dr. Koffman was too sick to write.

You may enjoy catching a glimpse of how he approached making critical treatment decisions using these links.

CLL Society wants to hear your stories and learn about how you have made your decisions. Reach out to [email protected] and we can help you share your hard-earned wisdom.

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