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There’s a New Drug to Prevent COVID-19, But There Won’t Be Nearly Enough for Americans Who Are Eligible-Including CLL / SLL Patients

In science and medicine, information is constantly changing and may become out-of-date as new data emerge. All articles and interviews are informational only, should never be considered medical advice, and should never be acted on without review with your health care team.

CLL Society was lucky when Elizabeth Cohen, MPH, CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent, reached out to learn more about the needs of the immunocompromised for the article she was writing. I was able to suggest some contacts and help frame the discussion.

It’s a good article that touches on themes familiar to many of our readers and offers voice to those with chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma and other immune compromising conditions.

Here is the CNN article: There’s a new drug to prevent COVID-19, but there won’t be nearly enough for Americans who are eligible.

Thank you to Elizabeth and all the patients and professionals that contributed to the article. We need to get the word out.

While she focused on EVUSHELD, the recently authorized, long-acting monoclonal antibody combination for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) that appears to retain its activity against Omicron, we face the same supply issues with sotrovimab and the new antivirals (as I explained in my recent UPDATE that also offers some coping strategies for living with uncertainty).

Heck, we can’t even get enough COVID-19 tests two years into the pandemic. Didn’t anyone see that coming?

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Brian Koffman, MDCM (retired), MS Ed (he, him, his)
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