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Do you know of any studies in the Orlando, FL area?

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I was diagnosed with CLL six years ago, and I’m in the watch wait to treat Stage. I got both does of the Moderna COVID vaccine in 1/2021. I’ve been looking for a trial for the COVID booster shot. Do you know of any studies in the Orlando, FL area? My zip code is 32707. Thanks for any help.

Answer: The US is a little behind the UK and Israel on this topic concerning boosters. Here is a list of trials, but many are not recruiting yet:

What we can tell you is that the preliminary data may be indicating that a booster might give you a bump in your antibody levels to COVID if you had any response at all to the first round of vaccine. However, if you had zero antibody response, then for many, the additional dose still does nothing. For those individuals who had no response to the vaccine whatsoever, it is looking like there is promise with preventative monoclonal antibody therapy (such as the cocktail that President Trump received – only you would receive it prophylactically). However, more trials are needed, and that therapy is not approved for preventative use yet. There is much more to come in the upcoming weeks on this treatment, so please stay tuned to our website. We will report out on any information we hear as it becomes publicly available.