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Recently diagnosed with CLL. Please advise regarding the treatment plan.

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Ask the Doctor Question:

My sister is now 29 years old and accidentally recognized she has high WBC – 42, then 37, 30, and 40. Without any symptoms, her doctor has said she has CLL (cancer). My sister has no problems in her life at all – had gotten affected with COVID-19 and recovered in a few days. Please advise regarding the treatment plan. (The size of the liver and spleen is normal.)

Answer: We are not sure where you are located, but it is very important for her to see a healthcare provider who specializes in CLL. We would encourage you and your sister to read about the importance of Test Before Treat which can be found here. It is so important that she receive FISH testing before any treatment is given.

As for her labs, with CLL generally no one lab is cause for concern or warrants treatment. Instead, it is important to watch lab trends over time. Many of our patients like to use this tool to enter their lab results to do just that.

And last, it is important for you and your family to read about the watch and wait period that takes place commonly in CLL patients. You can find out more information about that here.