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Should I start over and get the Moderna vaccine?

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Ask the Doctor Question:

I received two shots of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in April, but recently tested negative for the antibodies by my oncologist.  I can now get a third booster shot, but given I have no immunity and The Pfizer vaccine looks less effective against the Delta variant, I would prefer to start over and get two Moderna vaccine shots.  Is this advisable, possible, and how would one do it if the government is tracking, and presumably restricting, the vaccine doses?

Answer: To our knowledge, there is no centralized government tracking of who gets the COVID vaccine or when. Just individual pharmacies/health departments who have to keep track of patient information records. For instance, CVS would have no knowledge or way to pull-up in a database whether you received the vaccine previously at Walgreens. There is some centralization/tracking in other countries, but not in the US. The caveat to that might be that if you provided your health insurance information when you received the first shots, then your insurance company would have those records as well.

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