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Ask the Doctor: Why not get the regular COVID-19 vaccine again?

This content was current as of the date it was released. In science and medicine, information is constantly changing and may become out-of-date as new data emerge.

Question: Why not get the regular COVID-19 vaccine again?

Answer: At this time, CLL Society is encouraging all chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients who received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines to promptly arrange for a booster unless otherwise directed by their healthcare team. In general, additional doses of vaccines do not pose significant health concerns or an increased risk of side-effects. This appears to be true for the COVID vaccines as well, and a third dose has been shown to be well tolerated in immunocompromised patients. Patients with CLL who receive a third vaccination should expect to experience similar side-effects to when they received doses 1 and 2; most commonly pain at the injection site, fatigue, and muscle aches that last 24 hours.