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How Wanda Zimmer Found Her Lifesaving ‘Perfect Stranger’ With the Help of CLL Society

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Wanda Zimmer, an individual living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), was one of the first to join a CLL Society Support Group when the organization started.

When Wanda’s CLL turned into an aggressive form requiring her to need a stem cell transplant, it was CLL Society that taught her about a transplant physician at Stanford Hospital that would be right for her.

Sadly, the day before Wanda’s scheduled transplant, she received a call from her doctor saying, “Go home, Wanda. Your donor just backed out.” The chance of finding another donor that would be a “perfect match” for her was slim. On top of not having a donor, shortly after Wanda returned home, she contracted septic shock and went into a coma that she was not expected to survive.

When she awoke three days later, waiting for her was the uplifting news that another individual had stepped forward to be her donor. Although they were not considered a “perfect match” for her, the transplant went well with no complications afterward.

Over the years, Wanda and her ‘perfect stranger’ have grown close and now spend quality time with each other’s families.

Listen to Wanda share her story:

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Wanda found her perfect stranger that saved her life because of the information and support CLL Society provides. By donating today, you can help people like Wanda who are looking for resources and encouragement as they make decisions on their life-changing diagnosis of CLL / SLL.

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