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Doctors’ Education Improves When CLL Society Is Involved

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Authored by Dr. Brian Koffman

The Bottom Line:

The collaboration between PeerView and CLL Society increased the ability of healthcare professionals by around 70% to effectively manage those with CLL. PeerView is a highly respected continuing medical education (CME) company, and CLL Society is a patient-facing nonprofit dedicated to the unmet needs of the chronic lymphocytic leukemia community.

Who Performed the Research and Where Was it Presented:

Carmine Deluca and others, including CLL Society’s medical advisory board member, Dr. Nicole Lamanna, and its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brian Koffman, and our interviewee, Christina Russomanno, Nurse Practitioner at Columbia University, NYC, presented the results at the American Society for Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in 2023.


Prior research has shown that incorporating the patient’s voice and perspective improves outcomes through the collaboration of CME companies and patient advocacy organizations, which improves the gains from education activities compared to programs where there is no patient input.

Methods and Participants:

The study included six educational activities for hematologist-oncologists and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) involved in caring for those with CLL. Patients with CLL could also participate. Educational activities were varied and included in-person and virtual live satellite symposia, in-person and virtual live regional workshops, and online self-study activities. The unique aspect was the inclusion of patient testimonials developed in collaboration with CLL Society, and extensive guidance given on using CLL Society tools/resources such as Expert Access™ program, Patient Education ToolKIT, and Test Before Treat™ biomarker educational program to help patients and encourage them to be active participants in their own care. Pre- and post-assessment questions assessed the impact of the educational content on learners’ knowledge, skills, and clinical practice intentions.


  • 16,855 learners were assessed.
  •  Pre- to post-participation score changes across all initiatives demonstrated gains of up to 69% in knowledge and 68% in skills and strategies over baseline.
  • Knowledge and skills were improved in multiple areas, including treatment selection, identification and management of safety considerations, and ability to counsel patients with CLL.
  • Improvements were seen across all the educational platforms used.
  • Patients and healthcare providers have downloaded the tools and resources provided hundreds of times.


We have long known that CLL care, when a collaborative effort between HCP and patients, improves outcomes. “Smart Patients Get Smart Care” is our motto because it’s true. It turns out that professional medical education about the rapidly changing CLL treatment landscape also significantly benefits from involving patients in the learning process. CLL Society is proud to have partnered with PeerView Institute for Medical Education in this important research that we hope will encourage all CME companies to engage patients and patient advocacy organizations in their future teaching activities. I am grateful to all the patients who participated in these activities and for the opportunity to be involved in the research.

Links and Resources:

The actual ASH abstract can be read by clicking The Value of Collaboration with Patient Advocacy Organizations to Enhance Initiatives Focused on Patient-Centered Care and Improve Outcomes in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Please enjoy my ASH 2023 interview with Christina Russomanno, a Nurse Practitioner at Columbia University, NYC.

Doctors’ Education Improves When CLL Society Is Involved: ASH 2023

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Brian Koffman MDCM (retired) MS Ed (he, him, his)
Co-founder, Executive VP, and Chief Medical Officer
CLL Society, Inc.