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Is it best to get tests done before any treatment?

Ask the RN Question: My new hematologist wants to start me on Ibrutinib.  I asked him for the IGHV mutation and TP 53 test, and he responded those are not required before taking Ibrutinib.  My understanding is that it is

Why do I have high WBC and no neutrophils?

Ask the Lab Scientist Question: Why do I have high WBC and no neutrophils? Answer: The number of neutrophils rises and falls regularly, and the number reported can change depending on the lab processing your bloodwork and the time of day

Folic Acid level is now ~ 3.00. Should I be concerned?

Ask the Doctor Question: I have Stage 0/1 CLL, according to whoever you talk to (NIH or my doc). I have persistent low Folic Acid levels even though I have been taking prescription Folic Acid every day for seven-months. My