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Could you please tell me what RBC T morphology Abnormal means?

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I was diagnosed with CLL in 2005 and had a six-month check up with my CLL Specialist on 7/13/2021. The doctor told me my results have not changed and I am still on watch and wait. After returning home, I went over my blood test results and saw the RBC T Morphology was ABNORMAL. I have been trying to contact my medical team since 7/14/2-2021 for an explanation but for some reason they have not gotten back to me.

Could you please tell me what RBC T morphology Abnormal means?

Answer: Since CLL is a cancer of the blood, you can have multiple abnormalities not only in the blood cell counts, but in the size and shape of the cells themselves. Normally, a person’s RBCs (also called erythrocytes) are disk-shaped with a flattened center on both sides. Essentially, an abnormal RBC T morphology just means that you have abnormally shaped red blood cells present in your blood. Not an abnormal finding for the diagnosis and can be related to anemia.