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This content was current as of the date it was released. In science and medicine, information is constantly changing and may become out-of-date as new data emerge.

Our abstract was published for the virtual version of the 25th EHA (EUROPEAN HEMATOLOGY ASSOCIATION) Annual Congress and is available to be viewed now.

We present the before and after consultation data from our Expert Access Program that provides a free online consultation with a CLL expert from the safety and comfort of your home.

The EAP sprung from the knowledge that patients who receive expert care for their CLL tend to do better, and we wanted to provide a service for those who otherwise would not have the benefit of such a consultation.

We built the program long before COVID-19 had us all sheltering at home, but it sure seems to be of extra value these days.

We are also committed to vigorously checking if we are really moving the needle.

The published results were that post-consultation, 95% stated the convenience of an online consultation was an important benefit.

Only 2 pts did not find the online experience easy (hearing trouble and video issues).

99% said they would recommend EAP.

82% strongly agreed and 12% agreed that they had confidence in the EAP physician and trusted their expertise, 5% strongly disagreed and 1% was neutral.

What I believe is most striking is that 74% of consultations led to changes in care management, including 24% planned to see a new doctor, 35% planned to do additional testing, and 55% would consider a clinical trial.

The Expert Access Program is open now. If you think you might benefit and wish to apply and register, click here: EXPERT ACCESS. The only requirements are that you live in the USA and have a diagnosis of CLL / SLL.

To read the full abstract, click here.

The CLL Society will continue to endeavor to offer meaningful services and programs and then assess them in a peered reviewed setting to help improve the care of those affected by CLL.

Brian Koffman MDCM (retired) MS Ed

Co-Founder, Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer
CLL Society, Inc.