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Should I proactively remove the risk factor of future diverticulitis infections and strongly consider getting an elective Sigmoidectomy surgery?

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Ask the Doctor Question:

I have had three confirmed episodes of diverticulitis (11/2015, 7/2018, and 5/2021) requiring antibiotics. My gastroenterologist said I should think about an elective Sigmoidectomy to remove the “s” curve in my colon to avoid complications in the future. I am 53, feeling good and fit, and on Watch and Wait since October 2017. Do you think the infections in the future can pose a threat as I get older with CLL and therefore should proactively remove the risk factor and strongly consider getting the surgery?

Answer: Since you have had three prior episodes of diverticulitis and your physician is recommending the surgery, it would definitely be something to consider. It sounds like you are already aware of infections being a bigger risk-factor for morbidity/mortality in CLL than the disease itself. So, prevention control is of the utmost importance.