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Authored by Dr. Brian Koffman

Sometime late in September 2023, someone whose life has been touched by chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) or small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) wanted to view a helpful page on, and their click was the five millionth visit to our website. This is a shared milestone, not a stand-alone CLL Society accomplishment, but more a testament to the strength of a CLL / SLL community that is interested in better lives for themselves and others.

What the CLL Society Website Offers

Our website has always been the backbone and the hub for all the activities and services of the nonprofit CLL Society since its beginning. It is where one can find the latest cutting-edge reports from all the major hematology conferences or review the most basic information all individuals need when first diagnosed in patient-friendly language. Are you seeking a support group exclusively for CLL / SLL patients and caregivers? The website can link you up. Could you benefit from a free second opinion from a world CLL healthcare expert? The website will start the process. Want to donate to help fund our education, support our advocacy / policy work to ensure improved access, support innovation, recognize the needs of the immunocompromised, or support our research grant to study the top unmet needs in CLL / SLL? The website makes it easy. CLL Society has become recognized as the leading patient-facing authority on all things CLL / SLL.

Being Part of the CLL Community

We are so grateful to have been a reliable resource for folks over five million times. We are even more grateful to all of you who have visited us, shared your stories, comments, and feedback. You have spread the word about CLL Society and helped us reach and have the privilege of serving more fellow CLL patients and carers. And this is just the beginning. With your trust and support, we can continue to grow in response to your needs; thank you.

Stay strong; we are all in this together.

Dr. Brian Koffman
Co-founder, Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer
CLL Society

Patty Koffman
CLL Society