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Clinical Trials Concerning COVID-19 Only

Research & Clinical Trials Concerning COVID-19 Only All the advancements in preventing and treating COVID-19 are due to the brave volunteers who entered clinical trials for vaccines, monoclonal antibodies for both

CLL Society Ed Forum On Demand: Huntsman 5th Annual Ed Forum – Clinical Trials and New Advances for Patients with CLL

Join CLL Society for this important Ed Forum to learn the basics about testing across the span of your CLL journey. At the time of diagnosis, find out which tests should be performed, which might be avoided, and why. Before starting your first treatment, and prior to every subsequent treatment, know which tests you absolutely must have, which we strongly advise through CLL Society’s Test Before Treat™ campaign. Two patients will share their stories about the importance of getting the right tests completed prior to choosing treatment. Finally, learn how CLL is monitored over time, and how the evolving role of MRD (measurable residual disease) testing may help determine when to stop therapy in CLL.

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