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Existing CLL-Specific Patient Support Groups

Existing CLL-Specific Patient Support Groups

CLL Society recognizes that not all patient needs can be addressed alone online, so we felt it was critical to develop face-to-face Patient Support Groups focused specifically on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) led by volunteers in regions/cities where there is interest. Each support group covers a larger geographic area than the city or state they are associated with. Whether patients are newly-diagnosed or have lived with CLL for years, CLL Society will provide up-to-date information and support for all who attend meetings. The groups will provide mutual support, learning opportunities, patient-friendly, physician-reviewed monthly updates, as well as offering the opportunity to discuss anxieties and concerns with others. All meetings take place virtually.

To find out when and where CLL Society Patient and Caregiver Support Groups meet, go to our Support Group Calendar, click on the group you are interested in joining, and sign up to register for the next upcoming meeting. Find out how good it can be!

Sponsored by the CLL Society/ Registration (by locale) is just a couple of clicks away!

Sponsored by the CLL Society/ Registration (by interest) is just a couple of clicks away!

Affiliated with these CLL-specific groups run by others:

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