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David’s Story

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(Expert Access & Test Before Treat™)

This is just a brief note to tell you about the important impact you had on my treatment for CLL.

Last November, through the Expert Access program sponsored by the CLL Society, you were kind enough to review my medical records and chat with me about my condition and possible treatments. Although you said I appeared to be a decent candidate for FCR treatment, you pointed out that I had not had the IGVH test.

You said those results would be key to making a final decision about treatment. Our interview was especially timely because I was scheduled to begin FCR as prescribed by my local small-town oncologist.

After we chatted, I called my doctor’s office and requested the test. As it turned out, I was the first patient for whom he had ever prescribed this test. My IGVH status is un-mutated, so I began taking Imbruvica.

I believe you played a key early roll in my journey with CLL, and I wanted you to know about the crucial, positive impact you have had in my life.

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