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Ask the Lab Scientist Question: Why do I have high WBC and no neutrophils? Answer: The number of neutrophils rises and falls regularly, and the number reported can change depending on the lab processing your bloodwork and the time of day it was drawn. Please discuss your labs with your
Ask the Lab Scientist Question: How do tumor B cells function in regard to IgG production?  Do they produce a monoclonal, though useless, Ab?  Does a relatively normal serum globulin level consist largely of this IgG? Answer: Yes, for specific antigens present on a tumor cell, normal B cells will
Ask the Lab Scientist Question: Has anyone tested to see of CLL patients who catch COVID before being vaccinated and get antibodies treatment, who then get vaccinated, should be given antibodies treatment regularly along with boosters? Would that keep their antibodies level up? If so, would this be a potential
Ask the Lab Scientist Question: I was asked to have a lab sample drawn for COVID-19 antibodies three weeks after the Pfizer booster I had received as an immunocompromised person. I’ll be doing this soon under the study sponsored by LLS. I understand that the result range is 0.8-250