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Recorded on Friday, December 10, 2021

Join CLL Society and PeerView Institute to watch the ASH 2021 Symposium about the newest data on BTK inhibitors and CAR-T cell constructs in CLL Treatment.

Continuous or fixed duration therapy with targeted agents (including BTK, PI3K, and BCL-2 inhibitors) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) has overturned the decades-long consensus centered on chemoimmunotherapy and decisively become the new standard of care. This CME-certified live Seminars and Tumor Board event features a panel of leading CLL experts who, mimicking the collaborative nature of real-world tumor boards, will blend serial, case-based discussion with mini seminars designed to illustrate how fully integrating targeted therapeutics—including BTK, PI3K, and BCL-2 inhibitors, as well as novel antibodies—can improve care across the clinical spectrum of CLL. Panelists cover important clinical topics such as the personalized, evidence-based selection of upfront treatment strategies, therapeutic sequencing in progressive disease settings, safety management and distinctions among agent classes, the use of MRD assessment as a treatment tool, and next-generation and novel combination strategies.

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